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Search Service (customer to valve & handle (these must be apart rather than rusted together etc.)

We will send you an address label once you have placed an order for this service.

N.B. You must send us your tap handle as well as your valve/cartridge (and any other parts that are fitted between the valve and the handle which may be a shroud/cover, head carrier etc.)

We have over 250 different valves, cartridges in stock so feel that we can match up almost any part out there however from time to time we come across a valve we cannot match up, in such cases the service charge is not refundable however will will return it to you without charge (assuming the part is under 1.5kg and you accept that the insurance cover for any loss or damage in transit £50.00).

N.B. The valves etc. we find to replace your part(s) will be chargeable and we will send you a link for further payment of those parts.

Our Price: £28.25

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